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The Team at PET Me are passionate about the happiness of pets!  We want to make your dog (or cat) happy!

PET Me uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Treatment to help dogs and cats with pain, lameness, injuries, fractures and skin problems.  It is simply amazing for skin rashes!  BUT that could just be because we can see the healing happening right before your eyes.  The same healing processes are taking place in the muscles, joints and bones, but you can't see the transformation taking place under the skin.  For information on how PET Me works, go to:  How Does PET Me work?

Since we began in at the end of September 2015, we've helped dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, muscle fatigue, joint problems, shoulder subluxation, lameness ... the list goes on!  And, of course, with skin.  In April 2016, we rolled out our service for cats, after testing our service on some lucky Hamilton felines.  For more information on how we've made pets happy go to:  Why Use PET Me?

A PET Me session is a super easy way to treat your pet:  easy for you, easy for your pet, easy on your pocket!  Basically, your dog comes to our special enclosed trailer at Swarbricks Landing on River Road for his half hour session.  He lies down on our comfy PET Me bed and enjoys a treat and a cuddle.  After half an hour, he goes home again.  

With cats, we come to you, since cats generally don't like to travel.  For the first session, we spend some time with you, teach you about our "Cat Pack" and assess your cat's condition.  After that you can book and collect the Cat Pack from us and update us as to how your cat is going.  We like to see your cat again once she has had her 4th session to make sure all is as it should be and to assess her ongoing needs.  

The only problem we really have, is pets like it so much they quite often don't want to leave the bed!  For more about what happens at a PET Me session, go to:  What is PET Me?

Don't take our word for it!  Check out what our clients are saying, here at Reviews.

To book, and for information about pricing and promotions, check out our Booking section.

For common questions, check out the FAQ's or contact us, here.  We'd love to hear from you!

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